LVPC’s Oscavich is Named to 2022 Lehigh Valley Forty Under 40 List

July 2022, Matt Assad, Managing Editor

9th Annual Lehigh Valley Outlook to Feature Data, Awards – And You

August 2022, Matt Assad, Managing Editor

The 2020s have already been a decade for the history books – between a global pandemic, social and economic shifts, and emerging technologies, the world is changing rapidly. Through it all the Lehigh Valley has proven to be strong, adaptive and resilient.

Please join us from 8 am-10 am, Tuesday, November 15, for the 9th Annual Lehigh Valley Outlook + Awards, when we’ll celebrate that resiliency, crown the first Community of Distinction since 2019, announce the 2022 FutureLV Heroes Award winners and release new important data on population projections, greenhouse gas emissions, transportation trends, housing, development and broadband technology.

LVPC’s Oscavich is Named to 2022 Lehigh Valley Forty Under 40 List

July 2022, Matt Assad, Managing Editor

Lehigh Valley’s “Main Street” Surpassed 100,000 Vehicles A Day

August 2022, Matt Assad, Managing Editor

Anyone who has found themselves on Route 22 going roughly 55 mph under the speed limit around 4 pm, will not be surprised to know that it’s easily the busiest road in the Lehigh Valley.

According to newly installed Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) traffic counters, the highway initially called the Lehigh Valley Thruway now carries more than 100,000 vehicles a day. But that only begins to tell the story of a road that, unlike most highways, sees only a minor dip in traffic on holidays and weekends, and sees a relatively low ratio of trucks for a region that now specializes in them.

The new data has been available since PennDOT installed continuous traffic monitors that count the number and type of vehicles that travel daily on Route 22, just west of Airport Road. It flipped on the new system in May to show that segment of road carries between 102,000 and 109,000 vehicles each weekday.

“We’ve always known there was a lot of vehicles on Route 22, but now we’re collecting data 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the number and type of vehicles traveling on the Region’s busiest road,” said LVPC Transportation Planner Brian Hite, who works with PennDOT to conduct the region’s traffic count program. “This will be a valuable tool in planning for the future of improvement and maintenance.”

LVPC’s Oscavich is Named to 2022 Lehigh Valley Forty Under 40 List

July 2022, Matt Assad, Managing Editor

TALKING BUSINESS WITH BECKY BRADLEY: excited for the passenger rail journey

September 2022, Becky Bradley, Executive Director

As a young girl growing up in Springfield, Illinois, I remember how exciting it was to take the Amtrak train to see my grandparents in St. Louis.

My grandmother, even though she has been gone for over 30 years, is still the most fabulous person I have ever known. 110% put together, 110% of the time, clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup, nails, and most important, in mind and wit. Always ready to sing and dance, and I associate my train travel experiences with her. It was easy, glamorous and fun.

I loved the travel to and from St. Louis almost as much as the sweet and sassy-style makeup meets big band-infused dance party I had at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Grandpa Bradley accompanied the entire production on his trumpet with Grandma singing the lyrics of Mildred Bailey.

But it was more than that. The fact that we were traveling by train was the beginning of the fun. There’s just something exciting and comforting about speeding along the rails as American landscapes roll past. Vacation started as soon as I stepped on that train and continued until I stepped off in Springfield on return.

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