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STARTING THE WALK/ROLL MOVEMENT - July 2019, Matt Assad, Managing Editor

Motorists looked on with bemusement as dozens of sign-carrying residents danced in the intersection at Broad and New Streets in Bethlehem. Normally, those kind of actions during rush hour at one of the region’s high crash intersections would bring an arrest or at least a ticket.

But dancing among the group was Lehigh County Executive Phillips Armstrong, PennDOT Press Officer Ron Young and half the Bethlehem Health Bureau. No, this episode of controlled chaos got exactly the reaction that was intended.

It was designed to ignite the Walk/RollLV movement.

“As you may have noticed, we’re trying to create a movement,” said Stephen Repasch, Chairman of the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission. “A movement that takes a transportation system that was designed primarily for cars, and enhances it to be more for walkers, bikers and rollers – everyone, whether they drive or not. To do that, we need to identify the obstacles in our trail, sidewalk, road and public transit system, and figure out a way to remove them, so we can all get around more easily and more effectively, without what you’re seeing behind us.”


MULTI-MUNICIPAL STRENGTH IN NUMBERS - July 2019, Matt Assad, Managing Editor

Some are seizing on money-savings and efficiency that comes with working together, while others are looking for better ways to protect their farmland and open space.

Twenty-six Lehigh Valley communities representing more than 120,000 people are working on multi-municipal plans designed to manage their futures together, enabling them to save tax dollars and ultimately better handle the development pressure facing all of them.


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