The Department of Community Planning offers interdisciplinary guidance on growth, development and preservation of the region through analysis and review of applicable regulations. We provide information to the public and the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission concerning growth and development in the region for informed decision making. The department includes Subdivision and Land Development Review, Geographic Information Systems, Historic Preservation and Urban Design.



Click here to view the summary report and details of the Bath Borough Multimodal Safety and Parking Analysis and the Catasauqua Front Street Study.















LVPC staff provides technical assistance to municipalities on a variety of planning issues from the preparation of local comprehensive plans to drafting zoning, subdivision and land development ordinances. Our model ordinances with ready-made technical provisions address a variety of subjects from steep slopes and floodplains to mixing land uses and traditional neighborhood development.



Several municipalities in the Lehigh Valley do not have their own subdivision and land development ordinance. Our professionally trained and experienced planning and engineering team serves as staff for these municipalities, managing the functions of the land use and development process in accordance with state and county laws.



The subdivision, land development and zoning process is an LVPC specialty. How a development affects a community is important and LVPC staff are ready to assist regional and local partners with their planning activities.

Local Government Academy & Technical Assistance Program Annually, the LVPC offers courses in planning, zoning, transportation and various other subjects that are of interest to the region. Whether the municipal public works department is interested in reducing costs through asphalt maintenance or new zoning hearing board members wish to understand their role in the development process, LVPC is likely to offer a relevant course.



Research and publication are at the heart of the LVPC’s mission. LVPC publishes an annual regional profile and trends report that outlines the state of the Lehigh Valley and is utilized by the business, economic development, housing, social services, and academic communities as much as by local government. This service is an example of the type of quality research analysis developed at LVPC.



The LVPC reviews and comments on all subdivision and land development activity within the region per the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. This significant service to the Lehigh Valley assists municipalities and Lehigh and Northampton County officials with land use decision-making. In addition, LVPC charts subdivision and land development activity against the goals and policies in the Comprehensive Plan The Lehigh Valley … 2030.



Routine reviews of proposed municipal comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, and subdivision regulations are conducted by the LVPC. Staff provides valuable support, advice and technical assistance with these legal documents.



  The ten municipalities comprising the Slate Belt Region will be progressing with the development of a multi-municipal plan in

  2017. This plan establish a common set of goals and implementation priorities on the economy, housing, environment,

  agricultural and cultural conservation, utilities and community facilities, as these assets are the Slate Belt’s foundation.


Synchronizing development and preservation goals and establishing global priorities will bring local values to the forefront and set the stage for welcoming creative new industries while maintaining authenticity and sense of place.  Most importantly, the resulting plan will set a precedent for similar regions across the country. Stay tuned!


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