The Lehigh Valley is growing fast, affecting everything from the traffic on our roads to the condition of our economy to the quality of our air, and the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission is dedicated to managing that growth efficiently, while helping the region’s 62 municipalities plan for the future. With this mission comes the responsibility to keep our Lehigh Valley communities informed of what’s happening, the changes we see ahead and how we plan to prepare for them.

With the rapid growth in population, stress on systems and resources and increasing development pressure, the General Assembly began as a means for local and county governments to convene, coordinate and collaborate on the most pressing planning, preservation, development and redevelopment issues regionwide. In 2022, the General Assembly has been expanded to include US and Pennsylvania legislators and representation from the 17 school districts in the Lehigh Valley.

General Assembly Meeting Dates

April 30th, 2024 | 7PM

October 29th, 2024 | 7PM

Transformative Talks

General Assembly Recording

November 29th 2023


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