for the


embrace the
power of many.


design what you actually need rather than replicating what exists.

find regional solutions to global challenges.


Phillips Armstrong, Executive

Geoff Brace, County Commissioner

Percy H. Dougherty, PhD,
County Commissioner

Bob Elbich, County Commissioner

Michael Gibson

Michael Harakal Jr.

Kent H. Herman, Esq.

Jamie Johnson

David Jones

Leonard Lightner (alt.)

Richard Molchany (alt.)

Joyce Moore

Christina V. Morgan

Ray O’Connell

Owen O’Neil

Kathy Rader

Stephen Repasch

Kevin Schmidt

Joshua Siegel


Lamont G. McClure, Jr., Executive

Kevin Lott, County Council

William McGee, County Council

Dr. Christopher R. Amato

Janell Connolly

Malissa Davis

Robert Donchez

Liesel Dreisbach

Andrew Elliott

Charles W. Elliott, Esq.

Darlene Heller, AICP (alt.)

Susan Lawless

Carl Manges (alt.)

John McGorry

Stephen Melnick

David O’Connell

Salvatore J. Panto, Jr.

Spirit Rutzler

Tina Smith (alt.)

Gerald Yob



Brendan Cotter, Chair

Jim Mosca, Vice Chair

Becky A. Bradley, AICP, Secretary

Ray O’Connell

Leonard Lightner (alt.)

Robert Donchez

Darlene Heller (alt.)

Salvatore J. Panto Jr.

David Hopkins (alt.)

Ryan Meyer



Christopher J. Kufro, PE, Chair

Brian Hare, PE, Vice Chair

Becky A. Bradley, AICP, Secretary

Ray O’Connell

Craig Messinger (alt.)

Robert Donchez

Michael Alkhal (alt.)

Salvatore J. Panto, Jr.

David Hopkins (alt.)

Phillips Armstrong

Richard Molchany (alt.)

Lamont G. McClure

Michael Emili, PE (alt.)

Owen O’Neil

Thomas Stoudt


planning for the responsible management, growth, development, redevelopment + preservation of the

Lehigh Valley since 1961.

promote the health, safety + general welfare of Lehigh + Northampton counties

improve the social + economic climate of the area + promote equity through planning

encourage appropriate land use through implementation of the regional comprehensive plan

coordinate + integrate the plans for orderly growth, development + redevelopment of the Lehigh Valley

guide the orderly growth, development + redevelopment of the Lehigh Valley in accordance with the long-term objectives, principles + standards that are in the best interest + welfare of its inhabitants + political subdivisions

maximize utilization of the existing infrastructure + plan new infrastructure as needed to fulfill the goals + objectives of the regional comprehensive plan

collect, analyze + distribute useful regional data

promote + achieve a safe, well-maintained multimodal transportation system

promote conservation of energy, land, water + air in the Lehigh Valley + preservation of unique historic + natural features.


rethink the region as

emerging + evolving.

The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission is dedicated to working with the public and the region’s political, business and community leaders to make a great region even greater.

That requires shaping the way we live, work and play by building consensus on improving transportation, promoting smart growth, protecting the environment and enhancing the quality of life in every one of the region’s 62 municipalities.

As the official planning commission of Lehigh and Northampton counties, and the region’s federally designated metropolitan planning organization, the LVPC has been guarding the health, safety and welfare of the Lehigh Valley since 1961.


Greg Zebrowski, Chair

Steven L. Glickman, RA, CSI, Vice Chair

Pamela Pearson, MBA, Treasurer




Matt Assad
Managing Editor

Paul Carafides
Director of
Transportation Planning and Data

Geoffrey A. Reese, PE
Director of Environmental

Heather Ferguson
Senior Advisor

Denjam Khadka
Senior Civil/Environmental

Brad Stewart
Senior Transportation Planner

Vicki Weidenhammer


Teresa Mackey
Senior Environmental Planner

Susan L. Rockwell
Senior Environmental Planner

Jill Seitz, LEED AP
Senior Community Planner

Brian Hite
Transportation Planner

Julie Benco
Regional Planner

Craig Kackenmeister
Graphic Designer/Publication Coordinator

Becky A. Bradley, AICP
  Executive Director

Bruce Rider
Director of Administration

Tracy L. Oscavich
Director of Development