The Lehigh Valley Transportation Study (LVTS) is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Lehigh and Northampton counties. MPOs are federally mandated transportation planning organizations responsible for transportation policy-making. Their operations are federally funded. MPOs collect data, analyze trends, assess needs, and determine priorities to identify current and future transportation projects. MPOs are responsible for completing a variety of transportation planning activities, plans and programs. Some such examples include:


The high-priority list of highway, bridge, public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian projects to be implemented with federal funds over next four years.


Represents the long-term vision of the region's infrastructure, covering a period of at least 20 years.

The completion and adoption of these documents, among others, ensures that the Lehigh Valley remains eligible to receive federal financial assistance to fund infrastructure improvements.

2021 Obligated Projects

This listing shows all money obligated for highway, bridge, transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects within Lehigh and Northampton counties. The use of federal transportation funding is authorized by the current multi-year transportation bill approved by Congress, Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act). It allows the US Secretary of Transportation to authorize funding to Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) across the US, through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Federal funding is then allocated to states based primarily on population data from the US Census Bureau. State allocations are then distributed to individual MPOs and Rural Planning Organizations (RPOs) based on formulas developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and representatives of MPOs and RPOs. These formulas take into account population, vehicle miles traveled, truck vehicle miles traveled, roadway surface conditions, lane miles, structurally deficient bridges, all bridges and the region’s air quality classification.

Distribution of federal and state transportation funds are limited to specific funding categories. Each category has access to different restricted pots, or buckets, of money. Those buckets of money include:

The following table indicates where federal money was spent on the transportation projects in 2021. It also includes future financial programming that reflect changes to anticipated project funding.

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2021 Deobligated Projects

The following table indicates where federal money was programmed greater than actual project costs in 2021. It also indicates that future financial programming is not necessary. The federal money allocated to these projects is then applied to other projects in need of investment.

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2021 Accomplishments

Obligated Projects

$47.4 Million


Deobligated Projects

$8.4 Million


In total, more than $47 million was invested – or obligated – in 2021 to advance 48 projects across the region. Most of the money, over $39 million, was spent on construction with the rest being spent in the pre-construction phases. In addition, roughly $8.4 million was saved – or deobligated – on projects that were reduced or came in under budget. That savings is eligible to be committed to other projects listed in the Lehigh Valley’s $2.5 billion Long-Range Transportation Plan. Detailed below are several key projects that were completed in the Lehigh Valley in 2021.

Eaton Avenue Bridge over State Route 378

Project: Bridge preventative maintenance activities State Route 1018 (Eaton Avenue) Bridge over State Route 378

Where: City of Bethlehem, Lehigh County

Status: Completed 12/24/2020

Cost: $829,107

Owner: PennDOT

Main Street Bridge over Lehigh River

Project: Bridge preventative maintenance activities State Route 4016 (Main Street) Bridge over Lehigh River

Where: Slatington Borough, Lehigh County

Status: Completed 12/24/2020

Cost: $1,438,197

Owner: PennDOT

Gordon Street Bridge

Project: Bridge replacement Gordon Street Bridge over Jordan Creek

Where: City of Allentown, Lehigh County

Status: Completed 9/10/2021

Cost: $5,286,800

Owner: City of Allentown

2015 Traffic Signal Emergency Vehicle Preemption

Project: Add five additional signal preemption devices in an effort to complete preemption capabilities for the remaining traffic signals throughout Upper Macungie Township

Where: Upper Macungie Township, Lehigh County

Status: Completed 3/9/2021

Cost: $42,530

Owner: Upper Macungie Township

State Route 2024 (Blue Church Road) Bridge

Project: Replacement of the existing damaged bridge that carried State Route 2024 (Blue Chruch Road) over Saucon Creek with a box culvert. Bridge was damaged by August 2018 flooding

Where: Upper Saucon Township, Lehigh County

Status: Completed 11/5/2020

Cost: $986,709

Owner: PennDOT

Coplay-Northampton Bridge

Project: Bridge rehabilitation Chestnut Street / 9th Street Bridge Rehabilitation over Norfolk Southern Railroad, Lehigh River and Ironton Rail Trail

Where: Coplay Borough, Lehigh County/Northampton Borough, Northampton County

Status: Completed 10/14/2020

Cost: $31,153,528

Owner: Lehigh and Northampton counties

State Route 1016 (Delabole Road) over Greenwalk Creek

Project: Bridge rehabilitation State Route 1016 (Delabole Road) Bridge over Greenwalk Creek

Where: Washington Township, Northampton County

Status: Completed 12/24/2020

Cost: $461,224

Owner: PennDOT

State Route 1032 Bridge over Jacoby Creek-Mill Race

Project: Bridge replacement State Route 1032 (State Street) Bridge over Jacoby Creek and Mill Race

Where: Portland Borough, Northampton County

Status: Completed 6/23/2021

Cost: $4,034,945

Owner: PennDOT

State Route 512 and State Route 1025 Traffic Signals Improvement

Project: Redesign and reconstruction of two overhead lights at the central intersection of State Route 512 (Main Street) and State Route 1025 (Robinson Avenue)

Where: Pen Argyl Borough, Northampton County

Status: Completed 3/9/2021

Cost: $2,057,391

Owner: Pen Argyl Borough

State Route 22 at 13th Street  Interchange Improvements

Project: State Route 22 - State Route 2019 (13th Street) Interchange Safety Improvements and Pavement Rehabilitation.

Where: City of Easton/Wilson Borough, Northampton County

Status: Completed 11/3/2020

Cost: $3,438,093

Owner: PennDOT

South Bethlehem Corridor Connections

Project: Improved crosswalks at three intersections, adding handicap ramps on four streets and increasing lighting in areas frequented by pedestrians and bicyclists

Where: City of Bethlehem, Northampton County

Status: Completed 8/20/2021

Cost: $475,380

Owner: City of Bethlehem

Filetown Road Bridges

Project: Bridge preventative maintenance State Route 1006 (Filetown Road) Bridges over Bushkill Creek and over State Route 33

Where: Plainfield Township, Northampton County

Status: Completed 8/16/2021

Cost: $1,927,196

Owner: PennDOT

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